New Zealand King Salmon

Sleek, strong, handsome and robust, New Zealand King Salmon is truly the King of Salmon. With good natural oil content, our King Salmon is a wonderful rich, full flavored ideal for sashimi, baking, grilling or smoking.

Our Regal Cold Smoked Salmon is cured in a dry salt and sugar mix, smoked at a low temperature in a natural beech wood and then sliced. With its vibrant colour and sea-salt aroma, each delicate sliver has a velvety texture which delights the palate and melts in your mouth to leave a lingering, sweet smokiness. The unique qualities of Regal Cold Smoked Salmon add elegance to any dish and it is ideal for delicate finger foods and canap├ęs where taste, texture and visual impact are important.

The Regal Wood Roasted Salmon range is slowly roasted over aromatic beech wood, either au natural or with a subtle flavouring. Our Regal Wood Roasted Salmon has a fragrant fusion of smoky aromas and sea salt, with a luxuriously buttery taste. The golden exterior of the salmon flakes easily to reveal a soft orange-pink hue that characterises the rustic nature of this product. Regal Wood Roasted Salmon is a delight to eat hot or cold, on its own or in pasta or salad dishes.

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